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Matt has been playiing guitar since the age of 7 and performed in bands and projects throughout his teens building a large amount of knowledge and experience on his guitar for both live and recording situations.

He formed his own band at school playing rock covers and went on to graduate ACM in Guildford in 2004.

Since then he has toured with many bands including supporting Marillion at the Forum and stepping in for Jamie Humphries with Public Symphony.

Matt is also an accomplished writer and has written and recorded parts for artists such as Union J (on their number 1 single 'You Got It All'), JLS - Hottest Girl In The World as well as Misha B, Nina Nesbitt & The Wanted.

As well as New Device you will find Matt gigging with 80s Rock Covers band Top Guns and as part of Petty Theft and the Heartshakers.

Matt also teaches guitar both in schools and to private students.

Find Matt Here..

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